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Web Design
Web Design

A good website is far way more effective to attract customers than just having simple page layout. This is why more and more business across the globe tend to have a good website design to increase and help their page visible and rank high on every search engines. Indeed a website is very important to a business but the owner should not ignore to have it properly design and layout by the a professional web designer.

You need to have a good web designer in order to have properly layout website. You must know that the look is not just the reason on having a good web design, a good web designer should know that proper design that is both user-friendly and search engine friendly. They must comply with the rules when it comes to the layout as your page may be penalized by Google by not taking the right construction and landing pages. They need to make sure that your pages are accessible to Search Engines, check robots.txt, the appropriate usage of H1 tags and of course the right structure that makes your website to have the perfect SEO layout.

Since you want your website to have a good returns and makes your business to be successful then you should consider to have a good web designer to help you out. A web designer will help you point out things that  will help your page not only looks good but also well laid out page for SEO. Here are some of them:

  • The website must load faster and not full of heavy images that will make your visitors leave in just a second. Unless the website consist of important information and details that make the users stay longer, you must think about the content and make sure that it will not affect the loading of the page.

  • The site must have a good navigation that allow the users to easily navigate the entire page. This will help them find the content fast and quick without taking a lot of time that could give them the reason to not come back to your page. A Sitemap is also consider to be a good addition especially if the website have many pages.

  • The website must have a complete details and information about what kind of products or services they are offering.

  • Contact details and information must be easily to find.

  • Make sure to have good content, it should be informative and direct will all the details the site is providing.

  • The website’s color theme and layout must be consistent. Avoid using a lot of colors, maximum of three is applicable.

  • Use text font styles that are easily to read and inviting to the eyes. The sizes of the text should also consider.

Here at SEO 4 Instructors we know how to have a good website designs. We know the do’s and don’t when it comes to website structure, we know how page layout can affect link placement and SEO. We guarantee to offer you the best services that perfectly suits with your business needs. Give us a call and take a moment to learn more about our Web Designs!

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