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My name is Martin Royle and I welcome you all to seo4instructors. For the last 3 or more years, I specialised in focusing on generating business for over 350 driving instructors. This is the beauty of the internet. Because it has become an everyday commodity for every user and buyer all over the world, businesses cannot deny that websites are needed for potential clients to view products and services without physically stepping into your store or shop. We normally did this using two major strategies: 1 sponsored link giving immediate but, short term exposure; the other is natural rankings through natural organic SEO. There is the option to discontinue the first option and concentrate on the second one as soon as rankings go up and the business is getting regular traffic.

What we have experienced from this is great results with sales and a high ROI.

The analysis for this was not that hard. Since the target market for people looking for driving instructors were of the age bracket of 17 – 26, statistics show that 98% of this market use the internet and at least 93% own a computer. It was a process of searching for the right and relevant keywords for the appropriate driving instructor (e.g. driving lessons Watford).

Well, the rest is history for more than 350 happy and satisfied driving instructors. If I can do this for them then I can certainly do it for your business. Give me a call.

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