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Dave Nanson

I first spoke with Mr. Nanson around 3 years ago, he wasn’t having much luck in generating business from his various advertising campaigns and I advised him to invest in a website, we made a nice fresh site aimed at the younger generation which worked very well, with little content and being straight to the point the site has on it all that’s needed to help make enquiries. Once his site was made we started on the sponsored link area for some immediate business and after a few months monitored which phrases worked the best and focused on them. A few years later, I contacted Mr. Nanson again to let him know about our new product/services that we had put together just for driving instructors, Mr. Nanson trusted me again to get him into our 6 month plan, and we optimized the site to have it climb the rankings naturally where traffic is more trusted. Now you can see him on page 1 and still climbing as we’re only part of the way through his campaign, having seen such quick results Mr. Nanson has now asked us to target another area so he can grow the business further by generating pupils for a friend. As a good client and being such a helpful ethical company I have told Mr. Nanson that I would like to build him a more advanced website for this new area as I believe in just 3 years we have come such a long way and I also know that our new site will bring much higher conversions, you may say that this is a clever way of getting clients to part with their money for a new website, but Dave and I agreed that this was my idea and I am more than happy to give him his new £599 site completely FREE. “I’d like to thank SEO4instructors as they really do have our interests at heart, when I was told that maybe it’s time for a website update I thought ok and asked how much will it cost me, for Martin to reply “don’t worry Dave I wouldn’t dream of charging you again for a site, I just think it will get us better results especially as your growing the business”, I must say that in all my years as an instructor I would say that, leave advertising to the professionals at SEO4 and stick to what were good at and that’s teaching, I wish you luck in the future. Thanks!” – Dave Nanson.


I have worked with Ken on and off for 3 years also, he has a franchise and instructors all around the country stretching from Bournemouth to Stockport, we have known each other and bonded so well that we even swap calls just for a catch up and not necessarily work related, I’d like to think that I’m a friend as well as a service and am more than happy to help friends make money and see their businesses doing well. I pride myself on excellence customer service and allow clients to call me day/night, weekends or anytime and always give out my mobile number, I think that this was great for Ken as he’s very busy with so many instructors and needs things changing instantly, whether new promotions or maybe 1 of the instructors is full and wished to pause the campaign as there’s no point wasting money or in the same instance it’s not good to turn away business. As you can see the areas I have helped the business in, he is ranking well naturally also as he has such good traffic and has become a good solid brand. Every time Ken gets a new driving instructor on board he contacts me and sets up a new PPC campaign as he knows that I will have him at the top of page 1 for the searches until he has the instructor fully booked, sometimes I just get a text saying new instructor for Stockport “use this domain” and by the end of the day he is live on page 1 awaiting those fresh enquiries. “Martin is a character and contacted me a while back now, I told him straight I’ve had so many companies offer me top of page 1 of Google and all have let me down, he replied ok then I’ll put you there now and leave it for a few days and call you back. After the call I thought it was him sounding defeated as he was just another company after my money. I got home in the evening just to check and low and behold I was sitting at the top positions for 5 searches, the next day I expected a call from him and it never came. Another day went by and I got a few enquiries so I asked where they found me, I’d been in many directories, forums and in listings and they said “I typed on Google driving lessons and found you”. The following day I did receive the awaited call and I was happy to pay for the service, as he kept his word and kept my business at the top of the searches, I quickly followed by adding another 10 areas as I knew confidently that it would work the same way for my other instructors that needed more pupils. There are 2 things that I like the most and those are: Martin doesn’t sleep, he’s available all the time and with my changing needs it helps so much, the second important thing is the service is so flexible and when I have an instructor full I can simply pause the campaign and don’t waste a penny and having a lot of separate marketing campaigns, this saves me a pretty penny or 2, may we continue to do business for years to come. Thanks guys! – Ken

Rob of Real Motoring Tuition

I first contacted Rob 1 year ago, what a nice guy and a great chat we had, I forgot what I’d rang him about after talking for a few minutes, oh I think he told me not to waste my time from the start, “I have spend thousands with 4 different companies over the last 3 years” trying to have his website achieve page 1 on the natural positions on Google, we then just chatted about SEO and link building, algorithms and i had to say ” sorry Rob” but you know far more than me so I am lost. It turns out he is a web designer also and is learning the SEO arts. After an honest 20 minutes, I said I totally understand your concerns and I believe other companies could not achieve page 1 for Leeds, simply because the search was so high and it really was a competitive phrase, I then said well our company has National clients on page 1 where the searches are 20 times higher, although I don’t understand the technical jargon like you Rob but I do understand results and that’s why I am still on the phone with you. Having convinced Rob and showed him the results we have achieved he had to give us a try as knowing what this heavy traffic could do for his business, we agreed a 6 month plan with a 3 month get out clause. We achieved page 1 status on the 4th month, although having a few clients while getting there he got 8 new clients in his first week and went on to get around 30 in the first month and the next time we spoke he said “Martin thanks so much” I have gone from earning around £250 a week to earning up to £800 a week, I am that full that I have taken on another instructor, “if anyone doubts your ability then please ask them to ring me”, and many did. Unfortunately we did not control the website and a designer looking after Rob’s site changed many things without checking with us and his rankings diminished totally, all our hard work were gone and all his investment too, work is drying up and that means less funds for his investment. As many instructors are making money just because Rob sang my praises better than I can, I am going to get him back to the positions his business ranked before asking for another payment and to give him some free sponsored link advertising at my own cost to try and help him out as I know he is worth my investment. “I had already done Google previously and I was really doubtful to give it a chance again but was I wrong…the guys at SEO4instructors were very helpful and I have reformed my business and currently expanding to Wakefield. I have the confidence knowing that they will achieve the same results, so I was happy to start paying the investment again although having less traffic means less disposable income, but luckily with SEO4instructors they really care about their clients and Martin kindly offered me free advertising until I’m back in the heavy traffic, I am already planning my business growth as I know the phone will be busy ringing again soon.” – Rob, Leeds